Mark Schlagenhauf


Senior technical writer, trainer, and project/team manager. Successful in all types of information presentation, including paper, online documentation, online help, web sites, stand up training, computer based training, and multimedia. I'm technically savvy, and I have great people skills.

Skills and Tools

  • Tools: MS Office, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Acrobat, Visio, Dreamweaver, HomeSite, MS Project, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Remedy, CVS, PerForce, Premiere
  • Systems and Languages: Windows, Mac OS, UNIX (Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD), Java/J2EE, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Raw HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, PDF, XML
  • Areas of experience: computer security and intrusion protection, telephony and cell telephony, data communications, online communities, database-driven web sites, N-Tiered applications, digital video production


Google, Mountain View, CA                                                                                              2007 Present

Senior Technical Writer

  • Provide documentation support for Network Operations (designers and maintainers of Google's global network)
  • Create documentation for internal monitoring tools
  • Document the network for new hires and others who need an overview
  • Create templates for documents created by others
  • Maintain website and wiki for groups

Juniper Networks, Sunnyvale, CA                                                                                  2005 2006

Senior Technical Writer

  • Created and maintain Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) hardware and software Installation Guide. (FrameMaker/PDF) Also maintain on-device configuration help system. (RoboHelp)
  • Maintained IDP Administrator's Guide. (FrameMaker/PDF, RoboHelp)
  • Maintained NetScreen-Security Manager (NSM) documentation with three other writers.
  • Team lead for IDP project. Project lead for current NSM project.

Sana Security, San Mateo, CA                                                                                         2004 2005

Senior Documentation Engineer

  • Revised Administrator's Guide, Installation Guide, and Online Help for Primary Response, a host-based intrusion prevention software package. (Guides are in FrameMaker/PDF. Help is in JSP/HTML.)
  • Worked with Marketing, QA, and Engineering to improve product user interface.
  • Wrote technical notes for customer support department.

Senior Contract Technical Writer                                                                                 2002 2003

Employers included: Verizon Wireless, j2 Global Communications, PlanetOut Partners, and Sana Security

  • Created and maintained Visio infrastructure diagrams for Weblogic-based, N-Tier applications. Diagrams showed firewalls, security configurations, server and cluster configurations, network hardware information, and links to external systems.
  • Developed web-based online help for PaperMaster Pro, an electronic document archive system.
  • Developed a web-based document storage and retrieval system using PHP and MySQL.
  • Created a glossary covering J2EE and cell telephony terms and acronyms.

Lithium Technologies and, Emeryville, CA                                           2000 2002

Senior Information Architect / Product Manager

  • Founding member of Lithium Technologies.
  • Wrote installation guides and end user FAQs for online community software.
  • Managed QA testing.
  • Ensured timely delivery of all software to Dell, Sony, Roxio, and
  • Managed relationship with ISP (Digital Island) and IT department.
  • Acted as user advocate and promoted user-centered design principles.
  • Created system overview documentation for a Solaris/Weblogic/Java/Oracle N-Tiered, database-driven web site.
  • Wrote product requirements documents. Created, deployed, and maintained intranet site for information sharing within the development group. Worked with different groups to enhance communications and information flow.
  • Project Management: Managed software engineers working on projects for external clients ( and Dell). Coached senior developers, refocused project goals and reallocated resources as necessary. Handled stress testing. Managed software build and release processes. Worked with QA, project management, and development groups to refine software development process.

Lithium spun off from in 2001.

CNET and NBC Internet, San Francisco, CA                                                                1997 2000

Senior Writer - Team Lead

  • Webmaster for intranet of an 80+ member technology department.
  • Designed and created intranet help sites used by content producers of and
  • Documented internal technologies.
  • Coordinated new-hire technical training. (Individual classes taught by developers.)
  • Created and delivered classes on internal processes and systems.
  • Facilitated and scribed for JAD sessions.
  • Created and taught classes on internal HTML- and Java-based production tools.
  • Mentored junior writers. spun off from CNET in 1998.

Bellcore, Piscataway, NJ                                                                                                  1990 1997

New Media Information Designer - Team Lead                                     1995 1997

  • Organized multimedia group within Learning Support department.
  • Defined architecture, look-and-feel, and organization for a family of seven help systems.
  • Created Help files using ForeHelp and RoboHelp.
  • Coordinated group of about 15 writers, programmers, systems engineers, and quality assurance engineers in the creation, linking, and deployment of the help systems. Introduced automated process for archiving and deploying help systems.
  • Created standards and procedures for the creation and deployment of the help.
  • Created intranet site for team processes and procedures.

New Media Information Designer                                                           1993 1995

  • Produced an instructional multimedia CD-ROM. Team included a programmer, a graphic designer, and a technical writer.
  • Designed overall architecture, wrote content, created animations and interactivity using Director, Premiere, and Icon Author.

Technical Writer                                                                                        1990  1993

  • Achieved 100% customer satisfaction for documentation of a digital network provisioning software system.
  • Wrote, edited, and published an eight-book documentation set on a semiannual distribution cycle using Interleaf and FrameMaker.


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
BA English
Major: Technical Writing