To Do Notes
buy ticket X  
bar code X  
oil change X  
car check-up X  
fill gas tank    
print directions X  
phone, car charger, headset    
spare car key X  
get money    
Trip folder    
Nevada Map    
California Map X car
camp location (8th and Fairlane) X  
directions X  
headlamp X  
timepiece/watch X  
work gloves X  
camelback X  
lighter X  
dust mask X  
compass X  
scarf X  
sunscreen X  
sun hat X  
camera and film X  
coffee cup with sealing lid X  
toilet paper and hand sanitizer X  
pocket knife X  
dust goggles X  
light jacket X  
fork/spoon X  
bowl X  
small plastic bags for litter X  
journal and pens X  
Utility bin    
spare dust masks X  
ear plugs X  
flashlight X  
radio and headphones X  
camp first aid kit    
spare glasses and sunglasses X  
a trash bag or two X  
sport water bottle X  
dust goggles (spare) X  
Handi-wipes X  
spray bottle X car
kit - X  
dop kit - toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, nail clippers, razor, shaving cream, deoderant, Qtips X  
Shower kit - mesh bag with towels, flip-flops, shampoo, wash cloth, wash cloth container, soap X  
sunscreen X  
aloe vera gel X  
toilet paper X  
lip balm X  
eye drops X  
chemical light sticks (12) X  
battery-powered lights X  
batteries X  
camera monopod X  
binoculars or monocular X  
Food bin    
stove X  
fuel X  
bowl X  
cup X  
spoon, fork, knife X  
sharp knife X  
cutting board X  
pot X  
biodegradable soap X  
scrup pad/sponge X  
garbage bags X  
can opener X  
EmergenC X  
MREs X  
Clif bars X  
1 box cereal X  
2 cans of juice / day X  
trail mix X  
granola X  
mixed nuts, some roasted and salted, some raw (no shells) X  
bread (pita or tortilla) X  
beer X  
vodka X  
tonic water X  
lime juice X  
beef jerky X  
fruit cups X  
cups for drinks X  
milk X  
Shelter bag X  
tent X  
ground cloth X car
long metal stakes X car
rubber mallet X  
extra nylon cord X  
1 heavy plastic tarp, 2 small silver/brown tarps, 2 canvas tarps X  
bungi cords (2 6', 3 24", 3 36", 6 cord-and-ball attachers) X  
bungi mesh X  
duct tape X  
rebar (2' pieces) X  
rope X  
shelter poles X car
hammer and crowbar X car
Clothing bin X  
Sneakers or light hiking shoes X  
socks - 1 pr per day X  
underwear - 1 pr per day X  
tshirts X  
shorts X  
bandanas X  
fleece jacket X bag
rain pants and jacket X  
fleece pants X  
long johns (polypro top and bottom, silk top) X  
fleece hat X  
sunproof pants X  
sunproof shirts X  
fleece gloves X  
shorts and tshirt for sleeping X  
slippers X  
robe X  
Santa outfit - shirt and hat X  
work outfit - zip-off pants, sun shirt, sun hat, sneakers X  
leather/steampunk outfit - leather pants, leather chaps, puffy shirt, black boots, leather vest X  
dancing outfit - wrap-around skirt, black tunic, black sneakers X  
colorful outfit - thai pants, blue hawaiian shirt, sneakers X  
loose clothes - long tunic, blue scarf, cowboy hat X  
Misc - loose black pants, furry vest with hood, orange Hawaiian shirt, wrap X  
Playa-wear pieces - black shirt, silk pjs    
3 cheese sticks / day    
1 hard boiled egg / day    
cream cheese    
cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumbers    
egg or chicken salad    
Water (1x5 gallon refillable, 1x2.5 gallon refillable, Nx2.5 gallon store-bought, as needed)    
sleeping bag X car
Therma-rest X car
pillow and pillow case X car
spare tent X  
foam pad X car
camp chair X car
camp toilet X  

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