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These aren't the best movies of all time, but they're movies I enjoyed enough to watch more than once. Several have become like old friends.

The Top Ten (in no particular order)

  • Highlander - Exciting action/science fiction movie with wonderful scene transitions. The ending is a little weak, unfortunately.
  • My Favorite Year - I wished I talked like Peter O'Toole. "I'm not an actor; I'm a movie star!"
  • 2010 - The visuals really make it look like you're in space, and the audio makes you feel it in your chest.
  • The Amateur - Thrilling revenge story, set during the cold war.
  • Hopscotch - Funniest spy movie I've seen. Walter Matthau is great as an aging spy who refusing to be given a desk job.
  • Running Scared - Funniest cop-buddy movie I've seen.
  • Die Hard - Possibly the only really well-thought-out action movie I've seen. See if even if you don't like Bruce Willis. Alan Rickman does a great job as the head bad guy.
  • Support Your Local Sheriff - Funniest Western I've seen. James Garner plays an unwilling, unassuming hero.
  • Kelly's Heroes - Funniest adventure/war movie I've seen. Clint Eastwood and Don Rickles on the same "team."
  • Bull Durham - Great romantic comedy in a timeless baseball minor league setting.

The Next Ten

  • The Ninth Configuration - Incredible movie. Incredible writing. Wildest dialog I've ever heard. Can't recommend it enough. If you really want to enjoy it, *don't* read about it first.
  • Aliens - The Marines of the future take on a powerful enemy.
  • The Lion in Winter - I thought Peter O'Toole was a great actor, but Katharine Hepburn dusts him in this movie about King Henry II. It's fun to see the future Richard the Lionhearted as a not-yet-mature bonehead.
  • The Beast - Tightly written, almost archetypal story set during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan
  • Vision Quest - Inspiring coming-of-age movie about following your dreams.
  • Stripes - Immature, irreverent. A classic.
  • Zulu - A classic guy movie. Based on the historical battle at Roarke's Drift. Michael Caine's first credited movie role (I think).
  • Thief - Another classic guy movie about a man who is willing to give up everything for ... something unclear but internally very important to him. (Sorry.)
  • Roxanne - The Cyrano story retold in the modern day. Steve Martin's best movie, in my opinion.
  • A Bridge Too Far - Last of the big-budget war movies, this one had EVERYONE in it. Operation Market Garden during World War II is the setting

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